Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wow, this really is turning into baseball blog isn't it?

So Tuesday night was the season premiere of Queer Eye featuring The Boston Red Sox. I NEVER watch Queer Eye, but had to admit the concept was intriguing. So Jessie and I were in place for some good old down home mullets and homophobia. Man those Sox were uncomfortable. Carson had a few bon mots, but also some ideas that were a little too outré. Like Johnny Damon's stripe on stripe ensemble--Carson trying way too hard. Although I will grant that with a little grooming...I could see what Sherpa sees in Damon. Carson is just way more into pink than any human has a right to be. That's my dose of Queer Eye for the year.


Sherpa said...

johnny, my heart still bleeds yankee blue but i pine for you johnny dear.

Jason said...

man, i wish i understood your crazy california language :)