Monday, June 20, 2005

The Opposite of Sex

That was the first place I heard of Bananas Foster, a down home N'awlins specialty. Charity and I tried to find recipies, but they always involved rum. Well, I think this Ice Cream should be forbidden by the word of wisdom too, because the effect on the body is just as awful. Oh, but the way it tastes! I had an ex-something that used to say that Ice Cream calories don't count because all it's good for is filling in the cracks in your stomach. Circuitous logic, but for this stuff, any plausible excuse with which I can justify my behavior is good enough for me. I am such a cliche.


Jason said...

Sashe', Cliche!

Youuuu betta work!

Sherpa said...

Have i told you about rum bananas?

soak the banana in rum, skewer it and roast it over a camp fire. The alcohol flames out, the rum crystalizes the banana and add some icecream, brown sugar if you wish and wallah! campfire banana foster!

Carrie Ann said...

I thought alcohol contained in deserts didn't's like a freebie.

Hoo said...

EXACTLY. I always say, if I don't get carded when I'm buying it, then it's not against the word of wisdom.