Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This I gotta see....

Shaq goes undercover for Justice Dept. probe While I certainly think that it is admirable that Shaq sincerely wants to a) have a life after the NBA and b) take action against the increasing number of horrible people that prey on children...Riddle me this...How in the world is one of this earth's most easily recognizable celebrities going to do ANYTHING undercover? His size alone would prevent that.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Los Angeles Dodgers Fan Code of Conduct

This isn't going to turn into DODGERBLOG, I swear, but I couldn't believe it when I heard on the radio today that there is now an 11 point Fan Code of Conduct that will be posted all over Dodger Stadium.

In the light of recent interactions between players and fans in professional sports, I can see how this might be a wise thing. But it also really bums me out, because it means an evening with 1500 of your closest friends in the Left Field Pavillion isn't going to be what it used to be.

Granted, the last time I was there two weekends ago, I was getting pretty tired of the boorish behavior of my fellow fans in the Right Field Pavillions. I mean, are beach balls really that entertaining? Especially in a game where the bases were loaded 3 times and the Dodgers had a grand slam? but maybe I'm just mad cause I'm too short to see if everyone stands up.

Monday, May 09, 2005

I am so gonna be that Mom!

Palos Verdes Little League
On Saturday I went with my sister to watch my little cousin play T-ball in a local Little League. It only took like 15 seconds before we were totally entranced by the game and yelling directions to the kids on the field. The first thing you notice, is that this is NOT baseball, this is an excersise in ego stroking. The first inning, every player gets an at-bat no matter what the plays are. Some players use a Tee, some get a pitching machine...and no one keeps score (my aunt calls it PV rules).

But that didn't keep us from totally yelling "The play is at SECOND!!! Throw to Second!!!!" or "Don't run with the ball, throw it!!!!" or "GO! GO! Home Home!" It took me a while to realize that the coaches weren't even telling the kids what to do. Just my sister and I being RABID.

My cousin was on 3rd and we were along the third base line...he said to his coach, "Do I have to run home?" My sister immediately says, "YES, PJ, you will HUSTLE!!!!" On the last play he stood still while a runner moved to second and the batter got to first. But, to his credit, earlier in the game he got the runner out at second, and as the last play of the game he hit a grand slam. Not too shabby for T-ball. But I definitely am that girl, once again.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dodger Game--GRAND SLAM!