Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Christian Dior Spring 2006 Couture: Runway Review

We all know Galliano as an outlandish, nigh on to histrionic couturier, but I gotta ask who the target demographic was on this confection. What do we even name it? Pope Goth? Or maybe he just thinks this is how all Republicans dress. Or if Elizabeth I was Catholic?

I can just imagine the fury of Santino upon first viewing this design: "That piratically thieving scamp!"

The man behind Abercrombie & Fitch

This guy is so hella creepy looking, especially when you consider he's 61. He looks like the practice dummy that Jocelyn Wildenstein's surgeon used before putting her under the knife for the first time.

This article is a fascinating peek into the creation of a brand identity that still amazingly has steam. PS...why doesn't he just come out of the closet? When you read his backstory, it totally fits. The whole A&F aesthetic is based on wanting to belong with the cool kids....which in his case meant straight guys that knew how to play sports. "Nobody knows anything about his private life"...that's because if he was actually out of the closet it would ruin the demographic for the brand.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Congratulations to Mr. Pamuk

I just got a Google Alert that the charge of violating Turkey's Penal Code section 301 has been dropped against Mr. Pamuk. I am very happy for him, but saddened that the case was even allowed to be heard. They also need to reprieve the other writers that are less known, but still being charged under that law. If Turkey wants to join the EU, stuff like this cannot happen.

I just began reading Mr. Pamuk's work when I was in London this past October, on my morning subway commute. His voice is one of the more original that I have recently encountered in literature, so much so that I hastily went on to My Name is Red after I read Snow. Imprisioning this man would have made Turkey the laughing stock of the International Community. Especially when all he did was mention that no one talks about the Armenians and Kurds that the Ottomans killed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ok, Twist My Arm!

So...I'm a little mercurial. A little moody, a little up and down. Maybe inert is a better word...if I'm not blogging, I don't blog until something snaps me out of it. I got tagged (gracias, Sherp) so here it goes:

Four Jobs I’ve had:
1. Assistant Wardrobe Stylist for Legally Blonde TV pilot.
2. Securities Fraud Investigator
3. Office Drone
4. Answering Service Phone Operator

Four Places I’ve Lived:
1. Palos Verdes Estates, CA
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Provo, UT
4. Leucadia, CA

Four Movies I’d Watch Again:
1. La Sirène du Mississippi
2. Swept Away (Original Version)
3. The Wendell Baker Story
4. La Decima Vittima

Four TV Shows I love to Watch:
2. Twin Peaks
3. Footballers' Wive$
4. Arrested Development

Four of My Favorite Foods:
1. Homemade Pork Apple Pie
2. Bananas
3. Sweet Potatoes
4. Shrimp

Four Places I’d Rather be Right Now:
1. Rio de Janiero or Búzios, Brazil
2. The Seychelles
3. Goa, India
4. Cortina d'Ampezzo