Saturday, October 14, 2006

At Home

Doesn't this look like some divine yuppie Vallhala/Elysium/Xanadu? Except what's with the lamp with the fringe?

Notice the crocheted afghan on the right sofa arm? D. V., Je t'aime!

Oprah Proves Her Moral Superiority Over Everyone Else Once Again.

Saturday afternoon as I was surfing the channels on my TV, I happened upon an episode of Oprah After the Show. Oprah's guest on the show was her BFF Gayle and the subject of the show was "What I Did This Summer". The ladies chatted about how they went to South Africa to select girls to attend the school Oprah is building there. They also touched on the road trip they had embarked on across the USA which seemed to put in relief their personality differences. For example. Oprah doesn't listen to music in the car. Ok fine. Oprah didn't want to listen to music in the car for the whole 3,000 miles of their trip. That's crazy. Basically Gayle seemed much more fun to be around and Oprah sounded like a big spoiled whiner.

Apparently Gayle is a TV-o-phile. She went on to mention a couple of shows she liked: Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives...snore whatevs. And then the fun began. Gayle admitted in answer to a question from the audience that she is addicted to...wait for it...Flavor of Love. She even managed to do her best Foofy Foofy impersonation with a loud "FLAVOR FLAV!" right in Oprah's face. I am not making this up. Gayle then went on to say that she made a tape of an episode of Flavor of Love and took it over to Oprah's house to make her watch it. Of course Queen O made Gayle turn it off, and thought the show was just awful. Well so do I, I guess if I'm being honest. But that doesn't mean I don't get totally and completely sucked into it if it's on. I've had to make a promise to myself that I will not turn it on if I see it's on TV. Some of us would really love to build schools for AIDS orphans, Oprah. But frankly, choosing not to watch a bad TV show is about as close to changing the world as we'll ever get.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Don't Drop Bombs (Like this one)

I can't decide if this is "THA" bomb or "a" bomb. I promise this won't turn into Liza Minnelli blog.