Saturday, September 30, 2006

Maybe this time she'll be lucky...

I know it's not news by now, but I just had to give a cheer out to Miss Liza May for her recent legal victory...


Alex and Krystal=Taking Care of Business!

They will be reuniting in a national tour of the play Legends before heading to BROADWAY!

More proof that I am just a gay man in a woman's body.


First there was The Office,

then Footballers' Wive$,

then The Vicar of Dibley

and Life on Mars.

I realize that's not the order of their production, but it's how I fell in love with them. It's fair to say the only TV I watch anymore is on BBC America. So I'm more than a little steamed that ALL FOUR of these shows have been or are being remade for American TV. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Hollywood, I challenge you...NO REMAKES EVER EVER!"


My 2nd cousin's husband Ben was in Time magazine a week or two ago in an article about his letterpress stationery business, Seraph. I had the opportunity to visit his studio at the end of August, and let me tell you, true to my paper addiction, I was in a cold sweat because I couldn't invent a pretext for ordering gorgeous custom wedding invitations. I don't even know anyone that's getting married that I could pass the info on to! Go to the site, check out his wares, and be mindful that he'll even work with you to design your own. And if you ain't getting married anytime soon, you can still buy his gorgeous note cards.

Powered by....

So, I was watching the USC football game this afternoon, as I am wont to do. USC winning a football game is about the only sure thing there is anymore in this life of mine. The People of Troy DELIVER. Some might wonder what it is that ensures such reliability. Is it the unprescedented wealth that USC Alumni are famous for bestowing on their alma mater, inevitably making the Trojans the New York Yankees of college football? Why only last week George Lucas announced a gift of $175 million dollars to 'SC (but I doubt very much that the football program will see much of that). Maybe it's not the money, but something overthere is making a difference.

As I watched the surprisingly close game this afternoon I had a realization about what has caused the success of 'SC thus far. Pete Carroll is the lost Wilson brother. I guess he fits in first, the eldest before Andrew, Owen and Luke. First and formost this of course would explain the heartbreaking Rose Bowl 2006 loss by the Trojans to the Texas Longhorns. For as much love as Southern California has proffered Owen and Luke, could a long lost Wilson brother really betray his secret roots? See? Makes total sense. The longish shag. The unquestionably 100% totally heterosexual guy guy's love for men. The affable smile and easy interaction with anyone who might cross his path. America loves themselves a good Wilson brother.