Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take a Bow...

We all knew this was how come it makes me feel sad? I never understood why they got married in the first place, but when they did, I thought, "Wow, Guy might actually be more of a man than Madonna!" Everyone is speculating that there'll be a big divorce settlement, but I have to say, something tells me that Guy isn't going to quibble over it.

Blogging Godard

I read Richard Brody’s article “Auteur Wars” in The New Yorker about the relationship between Godard and Truffaut and thought it excellent. I was pleased to see this biography was scheduled to be released soon after the article was published. While waiting for the book to be released, I got the idea to watch or re-watch (as the case may be) all of Godard’s films as I read the book and to blog about my thoughts. I don’t know if I will be able to find a copy of every film to view, or if I will even want to watch all of them or finish the book for that matter: It is 700 plus pages after all. But I’ll keep it up as long as the project’s interesting to me. Basically I want to know: What do the colors red and blue mean to Godard?