Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I've got armhair too, just like LIZ!

To save money, I've been trying to come home to eat my lunch instead of eating out every day. The upshot of that is usually I turn the TV on while I'm eating...and usually I end up watching a movie...and sometimes I take a way longer lunch than I should just because I want to know what happens next. Well today was just such an occasion. TMC started Cat on a Hot Tin Roof just as I pulled up to the house.
I had seen the movie before, probably when I was a freshman, or maybe an 8th grader, back in the days of ye olde Paul Newman crush, a phase every woman goes through. This was one of those movies that when you watch as an adult there is just added meaning. I couldn't believe how GAY Newman's character was. I mean, he must have been, to not wanna smash out with La Liz in THAT SLIP. For that time period, it must have been a huge risk playing a character like that. And Burl Ives was such a pervy character!
But it made me giggle a little because it reminded me of Marnie, the movie I love for the simply risible fact that it tries to convince us that there is a woman on earth that doesn't want to have sex with Sean Connery. Please.
I gotta do something else for lunch. See where this always goes?


Jason said...

I dont think Rosie would have sex with Sean Connery....

"Thats not what she said last night, Trebek!"

Sherpa said...

Brick was SO gay. I like that they tried to play that down in the movie, just a few "veiled" references but somehow it's so obvious watching it 40+ years later.