Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Economics of Scale

LA Pillow

The first thing you learn in Econ 150 @ BYU is that it pays to specialize. That's why I'm so grateful that someone out there finally got a site up selling these retro kitschy travel pillows, so I don't have to make one. Ever since Kim Bassinger's character in LA Confidential had one on her bed, I've coveted one. But they're $136!!!! Pricey. And how's this for math....the California pillow apparently takes 40 hours to stitch by hand. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that means that someone's getting paid $3.40 an hour to stitch...and that's not even including materials or a profit margin. Something's fishy....I don't know if I quite believe that it's hand stitched. And you thought english majors couldn't do math.

And it's kinda cheezy to have an LA pillow living in LA. So maybe I can get it for my sister as a housewarming gift when she moves to Vegas. I could get the Ski Colorado one for myself. Or the France or Italy one. Again when I got mo papes.


Sherpa said...

is this a hint that i need to start branching out my embroidering skills? 136?!? a pillow.. Screw Civil Rights!

Sherpa said...

Okay, wow. I spent the last 5 minutes or so on that site and copying images when i knew.....i had to get off. I've got too many projects going on in my head and started. Maybe in a few weeks, but if I know me, I'll probably be brainstorming my own take of those by then.