Monday, June 27, 2005


Saturday evening I went with my dad to this cocktail party held by Northern Trust, underwriters for the King Tut Exhibit at LACMA. Of course, the biggest hurdle is always what to wear. My bright idea was to rework a caftan that my 5'10" grandmother got from Greece into a neo-sixties mod cocktail dress. As my mom was out of town (thus the reason I was going to the party) and I'm not confident enough in my seamstress abilites...I roped Charity's mom into doing it. And then I had to work late, so that really didn't pan out.
And seeing as how I'm too fat to fit into any of my clothes...that meant scrounge through Jessie's stuff. I finally found a skirt/shirt combo I could deal with. It was presentable but not too flashy. First and formost, it was comfy. Then I began the process of getting ready. Considering that I haven't worn makeup since my brother's wedding in March, this was going to take some doing. I started getting ready at 3ish for a 5:45 departure time. I used to think the only people that took that long getting ready for anything were Drag Queens.
Well, at the party, I met one of my dad's clients, who brought along as her date a gentleman that my dad golfs with. Through the course of discussion throughout the night, I learned 1)Ms. Client was wearing these Prada shoes I'd seen splashed all over Vogue 2)She's got a townhouse in Chelsea in London, a house in PV, a flat in NYC, and a yacht in the Mediterranean...and a Jet, don't forget the Jet. And her date was an vaccuum cleaner salesman that had just divorced a Countess. That's just a whole other realm so beyond any reality I'll ever know.
The buffet was actually really good...even though I had kebab breath 3 hours later. Of the 4500 artifacts that Carter discovered in Tut's tomb, only 50 were in the exhibit. My favorite was the Dog Collar (predictable). And I really was pleasantly surprized by the little trinkets that were lapis lazuli colored. I love electric blue. I really am not that intrigued by that time period though. It just seems to bizzare and cruel for me to care.


Jason said...

I love that when you post.. you really post!

Carrie Ann said...

What an intriguing life you seem to lead...cocktail parties...gossip about divorced Countesses...can it get any better?