Friday, January 19, 2007

Ruling Reversal

So as you will recall, I had a good belly laugh about the first issue of Men's Vogue. I didn't think it was going to fly...but now, well, let's just say I'm man enough to admit...those crazy kids just might be on to something. I was particularly taken by the penultimate issue with Sir Hugh Jackman on the cover.
Playboy may claim to be all about the articles, but this magazine really is. Flip inside and you've got a piece on Peter Beard's new book from Taschen, for example. And nary a female covermodel in far. In this Maximized world, that's an impressive editorial direction that really sets them apart. Well played.

Betcha can't eat just one...

I love you Pocky, oh yes I do.
I love you Pocky, and I'll be true.
When you're not near me, I'm blue.
Oh, Pocky I love you.

Get a D to the I to the C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y

You know, if you're an admitted Meth addict leveraging your turn on Kids Incorporated despite a tenuous grip on your urinary tract, I'm guessing you were never one for hitting the grammar books, so I'm gonna recommend the spell check function next time you're, ah, composing. And a's TASTY, no "e".

Happy Birthday Dolly

"If you look in the mirror, I wonder what you see/
I wonder if you realize you're beautiful to me"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oh how the mighty have fallen

What's going on?

It really bums me out to say this, but I think Daniel Craig has actually surpassed Luke Walton and Kobe Bryant to win the dubious distinction of having the most asinine tattoo I've ever seen. Ancient Peruvian condor/ufo landing signal beats stickmen and butterflies for sure.

Why couldn't the art director at W just save us all and photoshop it out. It's not like they didn't airbrush the hell out of Nicole, so why stop there.