Sunday, February 12, 2006

One Week Away and I Can Hardly Stand It!

Cheers, Darling! The third season of Footballers' Wive$ is about to descend upon us, just in bloody time. Even though I already know who killed Jase, I'm a little disraught that Chardonnay and her divine theme parties will no longer be with us. I can only hope that the third season will manage to engage as much as the first, and I hope Frank dies pretty quickly, because he grosses me out.

I find it pretty amazing that Chardonnay's poitrine healed well enough to be so clearly displayed in this cast photo, btw.

FW will valiantly try to fill the gaping hole left in me by the all but definite canceling of Arrested Development. But let's face it, I yearn for older days when the universe was big enough for both of them. Gangey could have taught Tanya a thing or two about shoveling coal!

Who are we kidding, even if this season is absolutely awful, I have to make it through to Season 5, now showing in the UK when JOAN COLLINS joins the cast!


Sherpa said...

hmm, what exactly is this show you speak of? Is this on bbc america? I live in a red state, we don't get those kind of channels out there in virginny.

Hoo said...

It is on BBC America, starting Feb 19th, but I first saw it on dvds from netflix.