Monday, February 20, 2006

Hung Up on Grey Gardens

Confession: I am obsessed with Grey Gardens.

I can't believe I only saw it for the first time last year. It's the only movie in recent memory that I immediately watched again after finishing the first viewing. I don't think I've ever felt such empathy for people in a film ever in my life. Grey Gardens demands close watching. There are so many throw-away lines that add such nuance to our understanding of Big and Little Edie.

And while the movie is a documentary of their daily lives...we in reality learn very little about how the aunt and first cousin of Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis ended up in such sqalor. Are they reliable narrators? Even the smidges of personal history that emerge and the photos that are shown only give us a very broad contextual understanding of how they came to be who they are.

Which is a long way of saying most people that watch this mashup of Madonna's Hung Up and Little Edie's flag dance from Grey Gardens won't really get what they're watching, and what makes it such a perfect match. Hopefully this viral video will get more people interested in Grey Gardens.

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elspeth said...

I felt the same way after watching it, about a year ago. Why hadn't I seen it before?
I made my mother watch it with me. The cats, the squalor, the ice cream-I felt it paralleled our own relationship marvelously.