Saturday, February 11, 2006

Liza with a Z

Ok, so it's taken me a week to gather my thoughts about this most stupendous of episodes of your favorite show and mine...the one that Mr. Lipton hosts. The highlight for me was when Miss Liza sang AND SIGNED Aznavour's "Quiet Love". It may have brought Mr. Lipton to tears for the first time in the hallowed history of the show, but it left me marveling at how outright deranged Ms. Minnelli is. And I find that to be delicious! Once upon a time, she was a fascinating stylist. Now, well, let's just say that maybe I am pre-disposed to stare anyway, but the material she gives me to work with isn't helping.

The Inside the Actors Studio Personality Profile Game was a lovely little find that I encountered whilst perusing the bravo site. Guess which former guest I am? I whole hartedly disagree.

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Sherpa said...

I heart Liza.