Thursday, March 24, 2005

Does anyone else do this?

In honor of my newly emerging food obsessions, I'll list a couple more foods that I'm eating a lot of...inexplicably. These are clearly foods I don't mind eating, but don't recall craving. It's not like my Cousin Athena that will ONLY eat BRC burritos from El Pollo Loco.

1. Wheat Thins and Diet Cola...Maybe because I've been in too many offices the past few weeks, but this seems to be my pick-me-up fuel of choice.

2. Taco Bell MexiMelts...Tacos with MELTED cheese. Yummy enough.

3. So for maybe the past 3 weeks I've eaten like 3 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches a week. Considering that before that, the last one I ate was probably like 3 years ago, this is a bit out of nowhere.

1 comment:

Sherpa said...

Oh, I totally do this.

Food obsessions that come out of nowhere are my speciality

I had sweet potato french fries for dinner 3 times this week. I want them tonight.