Monday, February 26, 2007


What the hell did Jerry have to do with the Oscars last night? Even after he explained it, I still don't know. I do know that for my money, he was the best thing about the telecast. Firstly because he YAWNED during Al Snore's acceptance speech and was busted for it in front of a billion earthlings; the only snarkily subversive moment of the evening. Unfortunately, I am quite sure that he was yawning because of the animated cartoon characters and dance sequences that somehow the Oscars never seem to shake, and not as any gesture about Al's "most important moral issue of our time."

And what about his bit? Just listening to it suffused my body with warm feelings of remembrance for a time when Ellen DeGeneres wasn't considered to be a comedian; when there was "No Hugging, No Learning." Yea, those nine years of must see TV that now seem so far off, like the last time I ate a bowl of really good macaroni & cheese. Except, uh, I just ate some on Friday.

On a related note, here are the winning recipes of the Tillamook Mac & Cheese Contest 2006. Just in time for New Year's Resolutions...OH YES, I WILL COOK THEM ALL!!!!!!

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Sherpa said...

This year was the first in 5 i didn't watch.