Monday, February 26, 2007

"'ere are oo?"

I've lost my passport, better said, I have TEMPORARILY mislaid it. I have been obsessing about it ever since I realized it's...not where I thought it was. It's a good thing too, cause if I had it I might not be able to keep myself from buying thisssss luxe passport cover from Smythson. As it is, I'm placing 4 orders with the universe (yes I've seen The Secret just like everyone else...)

  1. Please help me find my passport before I'm supposed to go on the Scandinavian Cruise with my sisters this summer.

  2. Please help me go on more fabulous vacations than I have been going on.

  3. Please help me to be able to afford this passport cover and something smashing to put it in besides the fanny pack (a little too downmarket).
  4. Please let me have a fabulous villa in Morocco and an architect husband that likes to surf like this chick.


My Marrakech said...

You are really making me laugh here in Marrakech! Although I must agree that my husband rocks! (even though he is not stylish. ~sigh)

Mother Goose said...

Loved your post hoo! E and I are making orders to "the universe" all the time now too.
Hope you find it!!! Mine is expired, how lame is that.

Steve said...

That is a great passport cover. A little over priced, but still cool. I've been thinking of getting one since I hate having to flash my black passport around all the time.