Saturday, January 05, 2008

La Bruni

I've been following the French President Nicolas Sarkozy during his tenure and find him to be one of the more fascinating leaders on the world stage in recent years. Have you seen tape of him during that school hostage situation in Neuilly, back when he was the mayor? Or storming out of an interview with 60 Minutes*? Or possibly drunk at the G8 sumit? This guy is nothing if not interesting. And now I think he's topped himself.

Since his divorce in the fall of last year, he recently began dating heiress, folk singer, erstwhile model and maneating all-star, Carla Bruni. And according to some of the most venerable press outlets, he's announced his intentions are serious. As in marriage. The couple are currently in the midst of a mid-winter Middle Eastern romp, with whistle stops in Luxor, Egypt, Petra, Jordan and...oops, no Saudi Arabia for Carla (apparently their delicto is too flagrante for the Saudi powers that be.) Anyway, I think it's all kind of fabulous, but I just want to be the first to warn Super better watch out, cause she will eat you for breakfast. Says so, right here.

See, I happened to have read Justine Lévy's roman à clef Nothing Serious which is subtitled How Carla Bruni Dated My Father-in-Law then Stole My Husband and Had His Baby. She's a serial girlfriend with really bizarre taste in men that can swing from exotic gorgeousness (Vincent Perez) to frumpy blowhards (Donald Trump...seriously). She broke up Mick and Jerry, and you have to know fidelity wasn't exactly part of the agreement there, so the situation must have been extraordinarily egregious. If Sarkozy thinks he can tame her, I'd like to see him try.

*I think it's kind of funny that he got all pissy when Leslie Stahl asked him about his marital situation a couple of weeks before his divorce was announced, and his reaction was like HOW DARE YOU even broach the topic, but now he's pulling a Bennifer.


En_Garde said...

Much of Bruni's arsenal of Cleopatra like mood changes are on display here.

Hey, that's a rather good idea, find some dark asexual politician on the other side and update Anthony and Cleopatra on the world stage of moden politics

"My purse strings are tied to her udders!"

alfred a.t.

Vertigo said...

Well, marry they did! I also find Sarkozy to be one of the most interesting world leaders there is, a new breed of (French)politicians.