Sunday, January 06, 2008

Daughter of "The Happy Baker"

Alexis Stewart (daughter of Martha) and I probably have a negligible amount in common, except for one thing: we are the first (and in her case only) daughters of Happy Bakers. It seems so right that Martha is a mother of an only child, doesn't it? The PERFECT child, right? Well, as I said I am a daughter of a Happy Baker for what good it has done me (and my bod.) I mean for Pete's sake, the other day my mom showed me a recipe for apple cider that included brown sugar and BUTTER! The dream of brown sugar addicts everywhere has finally been realized: a way to wrap our guiltiest of pleasures in something wholesome and ostensibly healthy (well, fruit-related.) I was having a hard enough time getting to the gym as it was. I did not need to stumble upon these:
...The PERFECT baked goods packaging. It doesn't just stop at the cookie boxes above, we've got cupcake boxes with holes for individual cupcakes, cellophane bags with ribbon closures for caramel corn and the like, and ye olde petit four boxes as well. Each box also includes wrapping tissue and matching labels. Thanks alot Martha. It's bad enough when your own mother doesn't have your best interests at heart, but what has the world come to when every mother is out to get ya?


Laurie said...


And like you, I'm probably better off not ever having known about them!

Jillian said...

Happy Bakers....that's how I often refer to many of the kids in my 3rd period class.