Monday, November 21, 2005

A new kink in the Seacrest-Cooper tie imbroglio....

This explains everything! Anderson Cooper recently recommended his mother Gloria Vanderbilt's memoir It Seemed Important at the Time to readers of O Magazine, not because Gloria needs the money, but because of the juicy tidbits about his mom's dating life.

Quoth he: "I always thought the worst thing in the world would be to hear your parents talk about their sex lives. It turns out, the worst is learning that your parents' sex lives were more interesting than your own."

He muses at even greater length on the same topic in this Details article. Believe me, the quote about Nijinsky was more of a mental picture than even I wanted.

So he's flirting with Seacrest to spice up his love life, because he's in competition with his mom. That makes total sense.

Come on Anderson, Ryan Seacrest is so 2003