Saturday, April 02, 2005

I stand corrected!

So everyone knows if a Steve McQueen movie is on TV, I have to watch it. Well, usually it's The Getaway or some other one, that I don't really like. Today I chanced upon Nevada Smith, which I kinda ignored in the ol' survey of McQueen's oevure that my sis and I conducted back in college, because, I assumed it was just another prison flick. Anyone ever noticed that all his films are prison movies? That means no chicks in the film either. Well, I stand this one...he has a love interest IN PRISON. And it's a girl.

In fact, It's Suzanne Pleshette...

Did I already mention to you guys how McQueen checked out my friend's Mom back in the day because they were on the same flight and she looked a LOT like Ali McGraw (to whom he was married then...)? I would so hold that over my hubby's head. You don't like me, guess what, I know someone that does!


Jason Randall said...

Is her name Stanley?

Sherpa said...

Chica, I've always been pressed over Steve McQueen. This movie sounds awesome!!