Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blogging Godard

I read Richard Brody’s article “Auteur Wars” in The New Yorker about the relationship between Godard and Truffaut and thought it excellent. I was pleased to see this biography was scheduled to be released soon after the article was published. While waiting for the book to be released, I got the idea to watch or re-watch (as the case may be) all of Godard’s films as I read the book and to blog about my thoughts. I don’t know if I will be able to find a copy of every film to view, or if I will even want to watch all of them or finish the book for that matter: It is 700 plus pages after all. But I’ll keep it up as long as the project’s interesting to me. Basically I want to know: What do the colors red and blue mean to Godard?


Jonathan Rimorin said...

I really enjoyed this book -- I devoured it in a week. It won't explain the significance of red and blue in Godard's work (but don't they signify basically the same as in Kieslowski?), but it'll make you want to check out Godard's later "difficult" work -- Brody really has a feel for such movies as "Passion" and "Detective."

Anonymous said...

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