Monday, March 24, 2008

Not My Problem (rated 2 stars)

by Eva Margolies

This is not a book that I would ever have purchased. I’m the girl that’s 50 lbs. overweight that STILL gets hit on at the gym after a sweaty session on the elliptical trainer, OK? I order two slices of the cheesiest, most blissful pizza on earth to eat alone in my car and I get hit on by the cashier. I don’t really need help in the sex appeal department (as shocking as that is to admit to myself—hey, I must be doing something right.) But when I learned I was going to be getting an advanced copy of the book, I thought humbly enough in the face of all evidence to the contrary,”Maybe my kung fu could use a tune-up.” THIS BOOK IS NOT THAT TUNE-UP. To be fair, maybe this would be helpful to people who walk through the mall without getting verbally assailed. Maybe their derrières could use a little love too. Mine certainly could do with a break!
Aside from the subject matter, I would like to say that the design of the book does absolutely nothing for me. Every page was ridiculously printed in a different color with a different background graphic. Whenever I see books with the funky-scroll-script font (wish I knew it’s name) it is such a turn off! It’s like the publishing world’s equivalent of “WHAT’S UP GIRLFRIEND! PLEASE LIKE ME BECAUSE I AM SO DESPERATELY TARGETING A FUN FEARLESS AND FEMALE AUDIENCE!” Additionally, the way that the material is presented (i.e. we are a fly on the wall in the Author’s office as she guides the unfortunately un-sexily named proxy for us all “Sally” through her training sessions) is totally annoying. Instead of just presenting the material to us and letting us glean from it what we will, the authors JUST KNOW that they have all our concerns covered. In reality they don’t even come close…like how do I turn this Sex Appeal OFF? When someone writes a book about how to get guys you aren’t attracted to to STOP hitting on you in the first place, I’ll be first in line.

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