Monday, May 21, 2007

Would it interest you to know...

That I've only ever sung 5 karaoke songs in my life? For those of you that know me, I'm sure that's pretty hard to believe, but it's true. They are:

  1. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor at Club Omni, Provo UT, 2001
  2. Amanda by Boston at Coyote Bar and Grill, Carlsbad, CA, 2004
  3. In Your Room by The Bangles at Palos Verdes Bowl, Torrance, CA, 2007
  4. Ready To Take A Chance Again by Barry Manilow (same)
  5. Diamonds Are Forever by Dame Shirley Bassey (same)

1 comment:

mothergoose said...

YES, I'm proud to say I was there in 2001. and you totally brought the house down. one of my all time favorite memories!!