Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nerdy Addictions I have a confession. I'm a PBS addict. My main show that I'm into at the moment are reruns of Inspector Lynley. So I went to check what episode would be airing today, and I saw that another huge favorite of mine, Foyle's War is back for a third season. This is particularly poigniant, because my sister and I were lamenting yesterday how all of our favorite PBS series are Sharpe and Hornblower (ok, so that was on A&E, but it's totally the PBS genre.), and what a shame that was, especially with Hornblower, because as my sister pointed out...there's so much more material to cover. He becomes an Admiral for pete's sake (she's reading the complete 12 book series.)!

All I have to say is what bliss is mine...they've even wrapped the 4th season this past spring. There's going to be plenty of Foyle for the time to come.

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Jason said...

Im addicted to "Are You Being Served?"

Allo, Capn Peacock!